These poems are inspired by life, by the spiritual journey.


“Who will catch you when you fall?”

Who will catch you,

when you fall?

Yesterday’s freedom

is today’s prison wall

By letting go,

and letting go,

you’ll come to know

how deep is your faith

that ‘this is The Place’

and something will catch you

when you fall



I kneel by the water’s side,

whisper to the still tide,

this my soul confides

in life:

“Thank you”


And this stream of memory,

this flow, where we inter-be,

through an act of alchemy,

is revealed as “Life Divine”

—no more will I call it “mine”



Before any word

is spoken, it shines

right out of your eyes;

Cease to talk and be

bright as a star!



I was dancing on the rooftops,


my heart restored to joy,

Knowing it was all around me

and always would be



In the beginning I could not see you

in the end I could

in the middle I doubted

whether I ever would

But you were there from the start,

seeing me blind,

There in the middle,

watching my mind,

Here at the end,

happy it’s time,

I come home


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