Nothing saves the ungrateful king,

on his throne,

full of righteousness,

No words can reach him

beyond the veils he put

over his eyes


Yet beneath his robes

of lavish color, and crown

of bright jewels, a child

cowers, frightened

and alone

(it’s why his scepter’s gripped

so fiercely)


In seeing the hidden one,

the façade collapses,

the kingdom is liberated

from tyranny, and

the dark age gives way

to joy and play


“Attachment to Knowledge”

Insights come

like birdsong in blue sky:

clear and beautiful.

You can’t keep them,

but you can listen.


“False Seeking”

He fled in haste

the shadows seen

in the corner of his eye

To find the Love

he seemed to lose

his life’s pathway gone awry

The dark ones wait,


the day he’ll embrace their cries


“Affirmation” (first)

Sunlight sweeps over plains

and mountains, at dawn,

Awakening the hearts

of the ten thousands


In a village

a little girl is born

to embark on a journey

all her own


The planets spin,

Galaxies fly

through space, and when

will you say Yes?


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