Intellect, Mindfulness, Non-duality

Writing this essay took several weeks, but my mind’s been grappling with the topic for a couple of years. It’s an address to the perplexities of ardent seekers. And, while it’s quite heady, it comes from the heart, too. So I lay it down as an offering: to whomever may find it useful, much love and best of luck.

Intellect, Mindfulness, Non-duality

…Reflections 10/25/2016:

The main idea in the essay is useful. Intellect can serve egoic mind (e.g., logic can be distorted by fear) or it can serve awakening consciousness. Mindfulness and “heartfulness” help us to discern which one it’s serving.

Another important note is that intellectual mind is a feature of our life before and after the journey into mindfulness begins, whereas being present and loving in a conscious way are things we have to practice, once we begin. It is easy to keep on doing the old things–a bit harder to establish ourselves in a new way  being.

The essay was written in the style of academic philosophy which I studied in college, but it’s written for mindfulness practitioners, and these two groups don’t overlap that much. Perhaps in the future I can try again with simpler language and style.

Ultimately, shifting consciousness has to do less with the mind and words and much more with silence and awake presence. All the symbology is just means to an end.

As Thomas Aquinas said, reflecting on his life’s work, “all that I have written appears to be as so much straw…”


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